Uninstall Lite Driver

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Uninstall Lite Driver

Post by jeffp »

I'm trying to remove the Lite PDF Printer driver via code and replicate what happens when the user clicks the "Uninstall" button in Windows Add/Remove programs. However, I can't get it to happen. Here are the params I'm using

...\Drivers\PDFXLite9.exe /quiet /uninstall /norestart

What am I doing wrong?
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Re: Uninstall Lite Driver

Post by TrackerSupp-Daniel »

Hello, jeffp

I note that this questions seems a bit more centric on the end user/administration side of things than it is focused on the SDK side, Was this intended to be directed at our Developers for troubleshooting the side of your application that performs this task, or are you finding that when you bypass using your application entirely, and directly run the above command through the command line, the printer is not being removed?

If the command line works normally when it is called through the command line, I expect the issue will be something in how you are trying to call the command line through your app, and a copy of your sample app may be necessary for our Devs to offer their assistance.

If you find that the printer is not being removed even when running manually through the command line, Please let us know.

Kind regards,
Dan McIntyre - Support Technician
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