[small suggestion] regarding enhanced OCR keyboard navigation

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[small suggestion] regarding enhanced OCR keyboard navigation

Post by MedBooster »

Either a search filter bar, or filtering for letters by pressing a letter on your keyboard would be nice (to at least get to the right letter by pressing the first letter of the language) , since there's nearly 200 elements to look through.
For those that work with many languages this suggestion might also be useful not only in the download section but the enhanced OCR section itself.
(though in this section I would probably just to press the first letter of the language to "highlight" the first language and then you could do arrow keys to move up and down – and Enter to confirm)

Something else weird I noticed is that if you use a keyboard shortcut to open enhanced OCR (I assume the same happens when opening it by clicking with your cursor) and press TAB 3 times, and arrow down 1 time you get the languages up and can choose a language with your arrow keys and Enter, while if you simply press TAB 4 times you do not get the language list up. (and arrow down is does not get you to the language list, the arrow keys only switch between the 3 options in the first row). SO maybe you could do it so that the language list opens when you press TAB 4 times, and for the 5th time you press TAB it can just continue to "Add/Update languages"
This is the case for all menus, in my opinion the more you can navigate with a keyboard without a mouse the better :)
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Re: [small suggestion] regarding enhanced OCR keyboard navigation

Post by Tracker Supp-Stefan »

Hello MedBooster,

I've passed your suggestions to the people working on the UK for consideration. We will likely also make a FR ticket for the suggested improvements, and I will post again as soon as I have any further info on the subject.

Kind regards,
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Re: [small suggestion] regarding enhanced OCR keyboard navigation

Post by Jensen Head »

~ «[suggestion] Quickly find the required languages in "Document Properties" / "Advanced" / "Reading Options"» topic, 2021-10-15, https://forum.pdf-xchange.com/viewtopic.php?t=37462
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Re: [small suggestion] regarding enhanced OCR keyboard navigation

Post by Dimitar - Tracker Supp »

Thanks, Jensen Head,

We will keep this topic in mind.
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