Can't group objects or lock image position

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Can't group objects or lock image position

Post by dsfdsfdvcsfref »

First of all, I can't seem to find the group objects command. It appears in the quick access search, but I can't find it anywhere. However when I use the group objects command from quick access it doesn't appear to actually work. Selected objects that are "grouped" don't all move together when one of the selections are moved.

Also can't seem to find a way to lock the image positions. This is annoying when I try to use my touchscreen to pan/zoom when in edit mode, and background images are moved instead.

Edit: I was using the software wrong. Images have to be on their own layer to be lockable, and objects are automatically grouped when multiple are selected and dragged by the master object handle.
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Re: Can't group objects or lock image position

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Hello dsfdsfdvcsfref,

Glad to hear that you've figured out how to make things work.
And as for grouping - the PDF specification does not really have provisions for "grouped" objects that can later be ungrouped back to separate ones. So if you make a selection - you can move more than one object at the same time, but as soon as you deselect them - they are each back to their original separate item in the PDF structure.

Kind regards,
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