Important - Domain name change - ""

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Important - Domain name change - ""

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Important information regarding our online web domain and email domain name changes.

Some of you may have noticed a change in some of the support team members' signatures recently - both in our emails and here on the forums - because we are officially making the change from Tracker Software to PDF-XChange. You can read more about this in our latest news article, here: ... mains-soon

All website addresses will be updated on October 26th, 2023, to be part of the "" domain.

This should be a seamless transition for most clients. Please note the following key points:
  • Redirects will be in place in case you have any links or bookmarks that point to a "" address. They should still take you to the same webpage as before, but it will be under the new domain.
  • All accounts will remain as they are (both here on the forums, and on our main website), and you will be able to continue using the sites as you always have.
    (note that because of the domain change, any "saved passwords" you may have in your web browser/keychain apps, may not recognize the new site, and will need to be manually updated, or re-entered)
  • All email correspondence will also have redirects in place, and any new emails we send out (sales, support, purchase confirmations, account login 2FA, and newsletters) will be coming from the "" domain, as can be seen in the signature below. Those with highly secure email filters should update their systems to allow our emails to reach them.
We hope this change helps to increase our brand awareness. We have come a long way in the decades through which we have been selling our products under the name Docu-Track/Tracker Software, and we are very proud to be making this change.
Dan McIntyre - Support Technician
Tracker Software Products (Canada) LTD

Our Web site domain and email address has changed as of 26/10/2023.