PDF XChange Editor with PowerShell  SOLVED

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PDF XChange Editor with PowerShell

Post by utz »

I would likte to compress a lot of PDFs with Powershell.
Where can I find the manual to do so like for example Ghostscript does it: https://ghostscript.readthedocs.io/en/latest/Use.html
I would like to reduce the size of a lot of PDFs by reduzing all the scanned images inside of the PDF. reduze dpi of 300 to 200 and/or compress the jpg images.
Any ideas?

Thanks for your help.

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Re: PDF XChange Editor with PowerShell  SOLVED

Post by Radi - Tracker Supp »

Hello Utz,

The Editor can optimize one file at a time. There is no command line option for this feature, but if you would like to check what is available via a command line, you can find all options here:
https://help.pdf-xchange.com/pdfxe10/co ... ns_ed.html

If you would like to be able to optimize multiple documents at a time, you can use PDF Tools. You can read more about the Optimize PDF tool here:
https://help.pdf-xchange.com/pdfxt10/op ... ent_t.html

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Re: PDF XChange Editor with PowerShell

Post by utz »

Hi Radi
Thanks a lot for your quick answer. The Command Line Options I allready knew.
The PDF Tool I did not know, yet. Unfortunately, we are not lizensed for this tool and I do nit intend to update.
I will propably use Ghostscript since this solution would work with my tools.

Thanks a lot anyway. Mabe this funktion comes with the next few versions...

Best Regards, Utz
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Re: PDF XChange Editor with PowerShell

Post by TrackerSupp-Daniel »

Hello, utz

I am sorry to say that at this time, we do not plan to implement Powershell functionality within the Editor.

Kind regards,
Dan McIntyre - Support Technician
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