Access VBA to edit PDF Form data

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Access VBA to edit PDF Form data

Post by icanutoo »

Dim PXCAddin As PXCOfficeAddin.PXCOfficeAddin

Trying to use the PXCOfficeAddin as a Library within Access to edit PDF for data, however:

1. Not sure the correct dll library is added from PDF-XCHANGE, if PXCOfficeAddin.x64.dll can be used
2. Keep getting a user-defined error on the DIM statement above

could use, based on Bing GPT-4 but like PDF X-change better.

If only I could get the link to Access to edit PDF forms directly... it will keep me from having to trade csv files...

Appreciate any help on this issue.
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Re: Access VBA to edit PDF Form data

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Hello icanutoo,

Our products are not designed to be accessible in that way via VBA.
If you need to perform some automated operations - please consider using our PDF Tools, and it's command line options: ... ons_t.html

So you can set up custom tools:
How do I Create Custom Tools in PDF-Tools
And then call those from the command line using your VBA.

Kind regards,
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