Selection of saved Java Scripts

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Selection of saved Java Scripts

Post by filky »

It would be very helpful to introduce two enhancements related to working with Java Script.

The first is to add a feature in the Java Script Console so that you can select saved scripts and then run them.

The second is to be able to customise the toolbar with a new tool that used a selected Java Script.

I love the fact we can use Java Script at all, but I think we're missing an obvious ability to use the scripts outside of a document level and not just as a script that runs as part of a button for example added into a document.

If this is possible already I'm looking forward to learning how!!
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Re: Selection of saved Java Scripts

Post by Tracker Supp-Stefan »

Hello filky,

Thanks for your post.
It is actually already possible to create custom JS code, and have it run when you press a button.
Those buttons are added in a custom "Add-in tools" ribbon group when available:
And here are a couple of examples of how that is done:

Kind regards,
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