Convert Files to PDFs - Add a converter for "Images"

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Convert Files to PDFs - Add a converter for "Images"

Post by kimbjo »

Here's the current converters available from the dropdown:
I'm well aware that in the documentation you mention this option is more geared towards documents with mixed media (text + images), and that there's a separate option called Create PDF from Images, that offers more options for Image handling.
However, the actions "Convert Files to PDFs" and "Create PDF from Images" are completely separate and unrelated. While the latter only admits images as input (and its more geared towards merging multiple images into a single PDF - unless you toggle off the Batch Processing option), Convert Files to PDFs is more powerful as a catch-all for any supported format, that outputs individual PDFs. And this action DOES support images, but you aren't able to customize anything about them, nor the dimensions nor the canvas nor the compression factor nor DPI, since there is no dedicated Converter option in the dropdown. Furthermore, you already offer the option for custom handling of text-only files, so it seems like an oversight to not offer the option to customize image handling as well: All you'd need to do is offer the same dialog box you already do in the Create PDF from Images action, accesible through the Converters dropdown.

What I essentially want boils down to having a single context menu option to convert all and any supported files, without caring about its filetype, to a PDF of normalized page dimensions with minimal compression, but the current workflow doesn't allow me to do this unless I handle images with the Create PDF from Images option and then everything else with the Convert Files to PDFs, which is cumbersome.
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Re: Convert Files to PDFs - Add a converter for "Images"

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Hello kimbjo,

I see your point here, and do believe that having the image processing options added for e.g. "Image files" in that drop down menu would indeed help. ISo I passed that request to our devs and created this ticket for it:
#6868: Tools FR: Ability to adjust image insertion options when using "Combine files to PDF"

As soon as there are any updates in the ticket we will post them here for you!

Kind regards,
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