Regex & Delete Blank Page Improvements

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Regex & Delete Blank Page Improvements

Post by bkennedy »

Here are a few feature requests that I think would be helpful in my tasks.
I haven't come across similar functionality yet (that I can tell) in the application but if they do exist please let me know.

Improved Delete Pages
A lot of the pages we scan have dirt/dust on them so the current delete pages doesn't work effectively.
If we could have a sensitivity option, a page coverage threshold, or specific tests I think it would work more effective for us.
Our good pages contain at least one of the following: printed text, straight lines, colour (pen/highlighter).

Regular Expression - Search Specific Regions
The ability to select a region of specific pages to search for certain text would be extremely useful.
I could pull out a lot more data from our scanned pages if so.
For Example: Do-Search (Pages[ ], Top-Left{x1, y1}, Bottom-Right{x2, y2}, Unit, Regex-Expression)
Where unit could be metric (mm), imperial (inches), or perhaps some other measurement.
Dimensions could be physically measured with a ruler, or GUI overlay of example file.

Regex Look Behind
I have a text on one of my pages that is similar to this: Customer: 123456
Unfortunately it is in the middle of the page and there are other 6 digit numbers beforehand.
I want just the customer number, however the system won't allow me to use a look behind regex. Bad characters.
Example: (?<=Customer: )\d{6}
Currently my choice is to pull the entire string ("Customer: \d{6}"), or forget about it.
Alternatively some string functions would work fine for me if I could truncate left/right from a Regex match.
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Re: Regex & Delete Blank Page Improvements

Post by TrackerSupp-Daniel »

Hello, bkennedy

Thank you for the suggestions. I cannot make any promises, but we will look into what is possible here.

Kind regards,
Dan McIntyre - Support Technician
Tracker Software Products (Canada) LTD

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