Print to a Pdf File-Result is not a Searchable Pdf File from Certain Softwares?

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Print to a Pdf File-Result is not a Searchable Pdf File from Certain Softwares?

Post by samermaan »


Reference to the above mentioend subject, couldyou please advise why Pdf Xchange Printer Standard is not producing a searchable Pdf File?
If I decide to print a webpage using Pdf Xchange Printer, the result is not a searchable pdf file?!
Pdf Xchange Printer is convering the text into either image or vectors.

I have tried all available options with no luck..
Pdf Xchange Printer is converting the text into either an image or vectors. Option to print as image is unchecked. Basically tried evering I know.
Same issue when printing from other apps, say Microsoft Todo Tasklist.
Also pdf printing a certain page from a searchabe PDF file opened from Pdf Xchange Editor and using Pdf Xchange Printer Standard is resulting in a non-searchable pdf file. I know I can extract the page instead of printing it but just saying.
Again, the option of "Print as image" is unchecked.

If I select "Microsot Print to Pdf" printer, the result is a searchable Pdf File.

In Microsoft Edge, if I select "Print to Pdf", again the result is a searchable pdf file. But when I select Pdf Xchange Standard Printer, the result is not a searchable pdf file?

On the other hand, when I pdf Print using Pdf Xchange Standard Printer from Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook, the result is a searchable pdf file.

In all the above mentioend softwares, the same printer and settings are being used. Very weird.

Could you please advise what I'm missing?

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Re: Print to a Pdf File-Result is not a Searchable Pdf File from Certain Softwares?

Post by TrackerSupp-Daniel »

Hello, samermaan

I am afraid that this is not something on our end, but a side effect of print handling in the application in question. Many applications, in particular Web browsers, seem to assume that you are always printing to a "physical" printer, and choose not to embed the nuique font data which may be present across numerous websites, due to it being particularly heavy, slowing the print process. Instead, they provide shape data for text items, which to a physical printer, is no different from the font data, but is considerably lighter, and thus easier to process, leading to a faster print operation.

Virtual printer software has no control over this, and we are at the mercy of such applications and their choices. In all cases I have seen, MS Print to PDF gives the same output as we do, even when printing from Ms Edge. Could I ask you to please provide me with a link to the webpage you are printing from, as well as a copy of the output between our printer, and the Ms Print to PDF printer? I would be very keen to see this and show the dev team, if it is possible for them to do this, there should be a handle we can use to accomplish the same in the future.

In any case, for right now:
  • If you are using a web browser, our Standard printer offers a plugin for those which are Chromium based, that you can use to directly convert the webpage, or you can copy the URL, open the Editor, and click "File > new document > from URL" to perform a similar conversion, bypassing the web browsers printing restrictions.
  • If you are printing from another application which is not a web browser, I am afraid that there is little which can be done. Perhaps that app offers its own PDF conversion, or alternatively, if your have a license for our Editor Plus, you could try processing the file with OCR after the printing is complete.
Kind regards,
Dan McIntyre - Support Technician
Tracker Software Products (Canada) LTD

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