How to find PDF-documents without "live" text?

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Jensen Head
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How to find PDF-documents without "live" text?

Post by Jensen Head »

Do I understand correctly that neither PDF-XChange Editor's multi-file search tool nor PDF-Tools currently has a tool that allows you to provide the user with a list of local PDF-documents without text objects (which can be found by searching, selected and copied as a sequence of characters)? Yes, it is possible to get a list of documents containing one of the letters of the alphabet of all the languages that can be encountered. After that, using third-party tools, you can get a list of documents left out of the list, assuming that they do not have text objects. Also, there is a tool that allows you to perform some procedures with pages that do not have text objects.

But in situations where documents may not be in dozens of languages, it is not practical to recognize them in all possible languages. In this case, the text recognition process will be long and inaccurate. Therefore, I need to get exactly the list of documents without text inside, each of which I want to recognize later, indicating only those languages that actually occur in them.

What is the best way to do this with the available means, or can we hope for the appearance of the corresponding functionality in the application in the foreseeable future?
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Dimitar - Tracker Supp
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Re: How to find PDF-documents without "live" text?

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Hello Jensen Head,

As you have already noticed, this is currently not possible.

I will however forward your request to our developers for consideration.

I can't promise that this is something that will be implemented, but we'll see what our developers have to say about this feature.

I will keep you posted on any progress.

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